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Al-Ajlan Company for Logistics services, General Transportation and Oil Services, We Are the Strength That You Need

We crowned with a strong will that knew no desperation, indecisiveness nor retreat, and carried on by a righteous mind and wisdom with such principles that we have inherited and practiced throughout the years we have earned the love, trust and respect of Client. We span the earth, east and west in a relentless effort to find everything that modern and advanced in our field, logistics and General transportation and Oil Services. With magnificence and extra fine skill and experiences, we are able to satisfy clients inside the Arab and international companies. Furthermore, we have established for ourselves a prominent attendance in world fairs and on international companies list and even on the internet, moreover, we are represented by many Arab companies and international accompanies.

Iraqi Company Established in 2005 With a Capital 5,000,000,000 Billion Iraqi Dinar

Ajlan Company for Logistics Services, General Transportation and Oil Services, was established on 2005 according to the book issued by the Iraqi Ministry of Trade / National Registrar of Companies in Series Number (M.Sh.29437) on Shawwal 14, 1446 A.H. corresponding to 16/11/2005 A.D.


The Goal of Health and Safety Environment (HSE) is to protect employees, the public, the environment and to comply with applicable laws and protect the Company’s reputation.

AL AJLAN Co. focusing on the HSE as an important part, we carry out the day to day the operations of HSE department and contribute to the applications of health, safety and environment by providing a technical support.

We assist in the prevention of general risks by providing safest location, procedures and methods to achieve the required work.

Our applicable HSE procedures are according to ISO:14001 & OHSAS:18001.

ISO Management

Our company concern the performance of employees so Al-Ajlan always develop with advanced programs and information in our scope of work as example Al-Ajlan staff been trained by the most Efficient Experts in U.A.E.(Dubai) and granted a certificates in (Quality, Environmental & Safety Management Systems).

Al-Ajlan Company ISO Certificates:

1- The Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008)

2- The Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2004)

3-The Occupational Health and Safety Management System (18001:2007)

Man Power & Equipment

We are distinguished by our well trained crew consisting of Engineers in different specializations, Consultants, Economists, Lawyers, Managers, Accountants, Mechanical and Electricity Foreman for maintenance and perpetuation. Also our Operators and Drivers all of them are certified with Safety Certificates and DDT with years of experience in our work field. Our equipment all with certificates and they are Flatt Trailer, Pelvic (for water, Gas and Fuel Oil), Tipper Trailer, Pickup and modern mini Bus and Ambulance, Crane types Tadano, Kato and Grove with capacities from 25 to 120 ton, Forklift, Generators 50 and 90 KVI, Caravans in multiple sizes, Pumps for the transportation of oil derivatives, Bulldozer Size D-9, Truck Pipe Carrier and Power Shovel, we are the only company in the private sector that own Kenworth Prime mover head all over IRAQ.

Our Services

Al-Ajlan Company providing different services
Our priority to give our clients the satisfaction by finishing a job in record time and in all situations with valuable field experience, focusing and working hard.
Challenging ourselves to get the best results that satisfy you.
Our services include mainly: transportation, drilling water wells, rigs move and logistic services.


Rigs Move

Al Ajlan Company is specialist in moving drilling rigs mainly in south of Iraq (Basrah and Missan) and our track record in this area gives our customers the confidence to work with us.
We understand the need for detailed planning, sense of urgency, and the need for accuracy during rig moves, not to mention the high cost of delay and loss of revenue when not handled effectively. Our teams have the equipment, expertise, and safety standards in place and We plan every aspect of the project to determine the quickest, most cost effective approach in moving the rig successfully.



Logistics management activities typically include inbound and outbound transportation management, warehousing, materials handling, logistics network design, inventory management, supply/demand planning, and management of third party logistics services providers. the logistics function also includes customer service, sourcing and procurement, production planning and scheduling, packaging and assembly. Integrates logistics activities with other functions including marketing, sales manufacturing, finance, and information technology.



Al Ajlan Company is specialist in Transportations up/downloads Commitments for private and public sectors so as the foreign companies with Large Number of Transport Equipment. Our Aim is to support the National economy in Transportations, Storage and Oil services in General by perform our work correctly with High standers . we have the Ability to Transport materials and equipment from the Iraqi ports to the
Work sites and from any Iraqi border port to the work site and also internal transportation, transport inside the work site


Drilling Water Well

Al Ajlan Company is a specialist in Drilling water well with required depth and the required specifications with RO unite and installing pumps with operating and maintenance .We drilled 7 Water Wells in Buzurkan field and the depth of the well was 50-60 M and we got Flow rate water 35 M3/H .
Al Ajlan Company has a good experience and the ability to implement the Pilling Conductor pipe for oil wells down to (50 meters).

Our Projects

We have many projects with many companies such as:

– Bohai Drilling Engineering Company limited: (PROVISION OF RIG MOVE
SERVICES_2014), (PROVISION OF RIG MOVE SERVICES_2015″still active”).

-Weatherford oil tool Middle East ltd: (Provision of Work over Rig (2014, 2015″still active”)), (Logistic On-Call Basis (2014, 2015″still active”)), (Vehicle/Equipment lease (2013, 2014 “still active”)), (provision of Drilling Rig Move services (Rig787, 786 and 710) _2011).

-COSL Middle East FZE 🙁 provision of Drilling Rig Move Services and Logistic On-Call Basis_2013).

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    Baghdad : Karrada, Al.Sinaah Street University of Technology, against the church


    Office No.: +964 7827827905



    Branches: Basrah : Algeria district branch. Al-Zuber, Safoan Way branch.

    Maysan: Amarah, Near Al-Mijar bridge, Maysan-Basrah Street branch.

    Al-Buzurkan branch Salah al-Din : Arbaeen Street branch.

    Overseas Offices : UK : London, 1 Fairmount Avenue, E14 9PJ – Unit 1215